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Basic Camera Workshop (Intro Level)


Basic Camera Workshop (Intro Level)


This is an intro level camera workshop to teach you how to have full control of your camera, take it off auto, take amazing photos of your kiddos at home or when you’re out and about at the park, and it is only $100!!! There is a $50 deposit due to reserve your spot and the rest is due the day of the class.

Workshop will be held on September 25th

Some of the things that we will discuss:

1) What equipment they should have. Learn what equipment you should invest in. Discuss the type of camera, lens, tripod, lighting and other extras like light reflectors that will help you make the best decision of what to purchase.

2) How to use the equipment. Most beginners fall into sticking with auto settings on their cameras simply because they don't understand how to use the other features. In this class, you will learn the difference between shooting in aperture, shutter, and manual settings so you can start using manual mode and take better images.

3) Put what you just learned to practice! We will go to a local park to put the things you just learned to practice with a model, this will help us address adjustments needed depending on outdoor lighting!

Feel free to comment with any questions!

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