Maternity Session Details

This precious time of your life when your body is creating a new life absolutely deserves to be captured in some amazing and memorable photographs, after all, you aren't going to be pregnant forever right? 

When to schedule your Maternity session:

Maternity sessions are best when done between 30-35 weeks of pregnancy, this way your belly is big enough to show in photos, but not too big to make it uncomfortable for you to move around. The session can be done sooner or later in the pregnancy, that is all completely up to you, however, 30-35 weeks usually makes for the best photos! 

Session Location:

We have a few different locations we use from which we will decide depending on the time and date the session is scheduled as some of these locations have closing times and are also closed on certain days of the week. You may also select a location of your choice, however, there is a travel fee depending on how far the location is from our studio. The session will be done outdoors unless you also want some studio images in which case we need to know ahead of time so we can make arrangements. 

Before the Session:

Take a moment and look at some pinterest boards for ideas on outfits and baby items you'd like to use in your session. We typically recommend form fitting clothes that accent your belly and really show it off. Maxi dresses are very popular as well as jeans and tight blouses, but make sure and follow your own style, you are going to want to print and hang these photos in your home and you want them to fit you and your personality! I have several flowing dresses and lace dresses that you are more than welcome to use for the session, but you should definitely bring other clots to give your session a good variety. If you want to wear fancy high heels or shoes, please be sure to bring some sandals/flipflops with you to walk from spot to spot, these parks are not built to walk around in heels and we don't want to risk you falling and hurting yourself. 

What to expect during your maternity session:

We will meet at the park or location we agree on at least 10 minutes early so that we can discuss any ideas or outfits you may have with you, if you are running late please shoot us a text and let us know. This day is all about you, sure you might have hubby and other children with you, but this session is about you, the rest are props if you may. Most poses will be started with you alone and then i will add other family members to the shots, however, they will not be on all of the photos. The session goes by pretty quickly, i typically already have my routine planned out and try to stick to it to make sure and take advantage of our time, but if you need to take a break, please say so and we will stop for a bit and give you time. 

Newborn Session Details

The birth of your new Baby is such a special time for you and your family. The addition of a new, sweet baby that changes life completley! I want to help you savor those memories of your sweet, little one. 

When to Schedule your Newborn Session: 

Newborn Photos are best when taken in the first two weeks of your baby’s birth. During this time, your baby still sleeps a lot, is very flexible for all those cute poses and his or her complexion is clear. You should call during your second or third trimester of pregnancy to book your session. When you call to schedule your appointment, your due date will be added to my calendar and a date reserved for a time within those two weeks of your baby's life. Notify me as soon as possible when your baby is born to set a firm date.

Session Location:

Most Newborn sessions are done at my studio in my home which keeps the babies and families cozy and feeling at home, however, if you would rather your session be done at your home then we can schedule your session there. The travel fee is $100 and all I need is a good size space where I can set up. 

Before the Session:

Wear comfortable clothes, regarldess of  weather the session will be at the studio or at your home. We will more than likely be sitting on the carpet tendign to your newborn and I am sure you will be right there with us! Relax!! I have been dealing with babies for a very long time and know that they will cry, pee and poop, get hungry, etc. so I am very familiar with the stress, fatigue, and emotions those first days with the baby may bring. Please, don’t worry about having a perfect house. I just need a little space and am more than happy to move a few things around if needed (and move them back).  

What to Expect at Your Baby’s Session:

I recommend you arrive at least 10 minutes early, but if this isn't possible just shoot me a text telling me you are running behind, this way i know around when to expect you. When you arrive i will have everything already set up, so if you have any props or things you want me to use specifically, please be sure and let me know that ahead of time though our session questionnaire, no props/blankets will be changed once you are at the studio already, this would take time away from the session and we want to avoid that. Newborn sessions can include any combination of the following: newborn only, siblings and baby, parents and baby, family and baby (limited to 5 people undess othewise discussed). Remember that the baby calls the shots! Babies are little people, individuals with their own likes, dislikes and personality. If baby wants to eat, we’ll take a break. If baby needs to be changed or just needs a little break, we'll give it to him, I will do my best to work with you and your baby to have a successful session.

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